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Republic Of Londonium

A figure shimmies across the rooftops of the city. Jorvik Tiago, but not as we know him. Gone is the military cut and fatigues. And in its place, a long-haired, wild-eyed man. Yet he has lost none of his physical power.

3AM Blues (libretto)

A complete musical comedy in less than seven minutes. Credits Vocalists: Arri Lawton Simon and Christiana Cole Music: Rick Bassett Lyrics: Anjali Jay (writing as A.J. Olain) Based on a short story written by A.L. Kennedy for distribution by the English National Opera. This libretto was one of the ten final scripts showcased by the […]


Only three more minutes. She could do it. Of course she could. Malini passed the woman walking her dog. Older than Malini, she was perhaps in her late fifties, and the dog, a mutt of some sort. Both had a limp. I wonder what her story is, Malini thought, trying to distract herself from the […]

Between People

“Humans have a strange way of showing love,” Misha said to Hattie as she sharpened her knife and readied the tip towards an eyeball. The blade caught the light and glinted, eager for the plunge. It was now Friday afternoon and she had been working on the doll – a custom for a client – […]

Excerpt from Lucy Stone

Chaz is at the door and beckons me outside.       I got the job, hen.  He beams so hard his dimples cut his cheeks in half.      That’s fucking fantastic Chaz! I say. Chaz is a hard worker. I mean we both are, we got no real chance otherwise, but I reckon he has a […]